Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Amazing Women and New Beginnings

My husband, G, and I attended An Evening with Honor Blackman last Friday night. What an incredible lady Honor Blackman is. She performed a fabulous show, kind of a combination of an evening of anecdotes from her life, along with some of the bits from her one woman show. (Her Marlene Dietrich was quite fantastic, and very funny.) She was also incredibly genuine. After the show she signed everyone's programmes for them and even asked each person's name. I also have to say that she is gorgeous. She has a lovely figure and her skin is absolutely fantastic - and I don't mean fantastic for her age, I mean fantastic period - even close up. I'd love to know how she does it! I don't know how much truth there is in it, but I hear that she is a fan of Pilates. All the more encouragement to go to class!

We've had two lovely spring days in a row and it is such an encouragement this time of year. It gives me a real sense of new beginnings and hope, even when everything is not exactly as we would wish it to be. The lighter evenings are encouraging too. I feel that there is a real wind of change blowing - and it is not entirely uncomfortable. For someone who has always resisted change I really do cope awfully well with it, and I love rising to a challenge. I feel like something good might just be about to happen, and that is a brilliant feeling.

Whilst I'm waiting I'll keep counting my blessings. Most of us really are so blessed in our modern society - we have roofs over our head, enough to eat, and more besides. I do find it ironic that so many folks are so very unhappy when we have so much. (Obviously some people do have very good reason to be unhappy if they are ill etc, I do not mean to belittle that.)

I was pleased to see that I've been quoted in someone else's blog - that was quite a nice surprise - especially as the person doesn't agree with my point of view that housewifery is not only a valid lifestyle choice but a very fulfilling one at that. Still, we can't all feel the same way about everything and I'm happy to keep on working to change society's perception of housewives, but even more than that, our perception of ourselves.

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