Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I am the 21st Century Housewife©

My name is the April Harris and I am the 21st Century Housewife©.

Having just done a bit of surfing, I feel I need to clarify that I copyrighted the title The 21st Century Housewife© over 6 years ago. I also own and operate the website www.21stcenturyhousewife.com and have done so for some years. I assert my moral and legal right to be identified as the creator of this concept. Anyone using the title The 21st Century Housewife does so is in violation of international copyright law. Of course there are many 21st century housewives out there and there is no harm in referring to oneself as "a 21st century housewife" but I am The 21st Century Housewife, creator of that concept and author of a book by the same title.

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