Thursday, April 24, 2008

17th April 2008

The Charcoal Steak House has not really changed. It is still a bit pretentious, although a lot more informal than I remember it being. Diners were even wearing jeans. The food was extremely good, but in terms of value for money I have to say I found it a bit overpriced. We did find a very nice Canadian wine at a medium price point that Guy and I enjoyed. I do think it is important for restaurants to offer a good, well priced selection of wines. It was a fun evening, and the steaks were delicious. I can't say I would recommend it above any other restaurant though, both due to the fact that I have had much nicer meals at the same price point, and also because they have never quite got the balance in terms of their service. The waiting staff still seem to have that edge to them - almost as if you are somehow not quite worthy. And I'm sorry, but if I'm the one sitting there paying $250 for dinner and they are the ones waiting on table, I do not think I should be feeling that way!

We got lots done Wednesday in terms of administration and so were able to really enjoy our evening out with my friend Heather and her family. We met up at East Side Mario's on Highland Road in Kitchener and had another super meal. The service was great and we were not rushed so were able to linger and chat which was fantastic. Kudos to this super restaurant for its wonderful staff and consistently delicious food at a great price point. It was so nice to have a good visit with Heather and her family. It was a really lovely evening.

Today we managed to just about finish up with everything in terms of paperwork - not quite, but almost. We went to my friend Becky's house tonight. It was not far from the hotel in a very nice subdivision. She has a lovely house with a fantastic deck, and the weather was so nice we were able to sit outside enjoying a glass of wine. I met her husband of nearly twenty years for the first time (!) and we all got on really well. Alex especially enjoyed having some time with kids his own age as Becky has two sons. He played street hockey with them and had a ball messing around on bikes etc. It was so nice to be able to catch up with Becky again. She had even found some old photographs of Mom and Dad at a party for me which were a real delight and I'm so pleased to have them.

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