Thursday, April 24, 2008

19th April 2008

I woke up a bit nervous this morning as today was our visit to the CN Tower. I used to love heights. When I was a little girl, my Dad took me up the Skylon Tower in Niagara Falls. Mom waited on the ground. I thought she was crazy. Now I understand why she did not want to go up. Having said that, I’m not the sort of person who lets fear stop me from doing something I want to do. When I developed a fear of large birds, I did a falconry course. When I realised that abseiling (rappelling) was something I was really quite afraid of, I took the first opportunity (tagging along when Alex went abseiling with the Scouts) to go a 60 foot abseil. So I was not going to let a little acrophobia stop me from having a great day out with Guy and Alex.

Guy had booked lunch at the 360 Restaurant at the CN Tower to encourage me so I was actually quite looking forward to the experience. The 360 Restaurant is at the top of the CN Tower and, as its name suggests, revolves slowly around 360 degrees so that over the period of about an hour you get a complete view of the city of Toronto from your table.

On our way across to the tower, we saw lots of folks either preparing to climb the stairs of the tower and also lots of folks who had clearly just completed the climb. Most of this was being done in aid of the World Wildlife Foundation. Indeed, my friend Becky and her family (the ones who we got together with on Thursday night) were climbing the tower that very morning. We did not see them, and as it turns out they had completed their climb well before we arrived for our one o’clock lunch reservation. The nice thing about having a reservation at the restaurant is that you get to go straight to the head of the queue and the wait for the elevator is not very long at all. The ascent takes only 66 seconds, but when you are in a glass lift with a touch of acrophobia and a huge fear of elevators, it feels like forever. Although I have to confess the view is quite incredible and well worth facing your fears for.

We were greeted at the reception of the restaurant and shown to a table right by the window. It was amazing. Toronto was quite literally at our feet. Guy got us a bottle of bubbly, and we decided to work our way through the menu. The food was just wonderful. I cannot recommend it highly enough. We were allowed to take our time and spent nearly three hours just eating, relaxing and taking in the spectacular view.

After our long lunch, we made our way down to the observation deck and stood (in my case, for milliseconds) on the glass floor. Looking down like that is a mind blowing experience. Guy and Alex were a bit more relaxed about it and stood there for a bit longer taking in the view literally beneath their feet. The elevator ride back down is quicker, and I was much more comfortable going down, especially when the elevator operator revealed she makes 80 trips up and down every day and has never had a problem.

I have to say that the experience of dining at the top of the CN Tower was simply wonderful, and something I will remember forever. The food and the company were just the best, and it was the most fun I’ve had in ages!

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