Thursday, April 10, 2008

Another crazy week in the 21st Century Household

I have found this week challenging to say the least. We always seem to arrive home from somewhere just in time to pack to go somewhere else. This raises my dilemma. I love travelling but I hate packing! It is not just putting things in bags, it is getting them washed and ironed to put into said bags, making sure you have what you need etc. Even my mantra of, “If we forget something, we can always buy it” no longer comforts me. Added to this is the fact that I do not just pack for me, I pack for the whole household. With the exception of personal toiletries and electronic items, Guy and Alex normally pack nothing for themselves.

This situation is partly my own fault. It arose out of me packing Guy’s bags when he travelled for business, particularly in the days of Commerce One. Guy always made an effort to get home, even if it was just for the evening as often as he could. So when travelling in Europe, instead of leaving Monday and travelling through to Friday as many of the others did, Guy would pop home Tuesday and Thursday night. I cannot begin to describe how much this meant to me. So I became an expert at having a bag ready when he did pop home, so that we could spend the maximum amount of time possible together. Eventually this lead to Guy “forgetting” how to pack, even for vacations. And even if he did remember how, frankly he does not have time anyway.

As for Alex, well, that was my fault too. When he was little it was of course much easier just to do it myself. I then forgot to delegate this task to him at the correct age, and our lives have been so frantic these last few years, it is just easier for me to pack his clothes for him. Having said that, Alex did virtually pack himself for his weekend at Guy’s parents so we could be on to a good thing.

Aside from packing, I have been trying desperately to get the house clean and tidy. I really have to organise a cleaning person when I get back from Canada. The house is far too big for me to manage on my own. Well, it isn’t if all I want to do is clean, but frankly life is far too short for that! I did manage to do the kitchen and utility room floors yesterday. This is a thankless task, involving a lot of scrubbing and mops, and waiting for one bit to dry before I can do the other. My kitchen and utility are huge and you would not believe how long it takes to mop 500 square feet of tiles. Having said that, I am incredibly grateful for such a lovely big kitchen and utility room, so please do not think I am complaining! It is just that by the time I had cooked dinner last night it seemed that the floor was already beginning to get dirty again. Perfect housewife I am not!

I’ve also been putting up three new light fittings which I ordered from Laura Ashley. They are beautiful cream fittings with crystal droplets called Lara pendants. Sadly the crystal droplets are all individually wrapped and tied with elastic bands and each light fitting takes over an hour to get ready to put up. It is also a very painstaking task as I do not want to damage any of the lovely crystal droplets. By the time I had finished the first one I had a raging headache and no patience left. Two more to go!

Exercise has been occupying my mind as well as last week was a bit of a disaster on that score – only one run, one Pilates class and one walk. This week just has to be better. I did well in my personal training session Monday and I ran again today so that is a start. I’ve also packed all my running gear so I can exercise in the hotel gyms while we are away. I’m still trying to make up for last week though. I’m such a perfectionist it drives me crazy when I do not exercise as I should. My personal trainer says I should not be so hard on myself. Pilates is not on this week as my instructor is away. I’ve missed it actually. Although I’ve been practicing Pilates long enough to do floor work on my own, the Polestar classes really make me work well beyond that level and give better results. I do feel so much better when I exercise, and I cope with stress more effectively as well.

Guy is frantically busy at work as well, so is working long hours and this makes planning meals a challenge. I’m getting better at flexibility though. Goodness knows I should have mastered it by now! I just know he’ll come in about 8.30pm Thursday night and we fly out Friday morning. I can’t complain though, he cleaned Alex’s fish tank tonight and that is a horrible task, one I avoid at all costs. The fish look so much happier now!

Well, it is back to the packing for me….

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