Thursday, April 24, 2008

Settling in Back at Home

I have spent the last few days in the usual fog of jet lag, although I have done everything I could to fight it – including a Pilates class and a session with my personal trainer on Tuesday. Just unpacking seems to take so long, and of course there is still the unpacking from the move to do. Thankfully this is a little less metaphysically daunting now that we have sorted out so much of the things we needed to do for Mom and Dad’s estate. The hurt doesn’t go away, but the anxiety attached to it is slightly less intense, and this allows me to confront the boxes slightly more effectively.

We’ve had some nice evenings this week. Although Guy has been working long hours, we’ve managed to spend some time together just watching television and relaxing. We downloaded and watched two more episodes of Desperate Housewives which we all enjoy and last night we watched the old film War Games with Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy. It spoke to Alex in the same way it did to me at his age (which was about how old I was when the film was originally released) – when it pointed out that in a nuclear war the only way to win “is not to play”. We all really enjoyed the film and Guy and I had a good laugh doing a bit of “remember when”. The computers seemed so huge in the film, and as for the floppy disks – could they have been any bigger? I had to laugh when I remembered part of the reason I originally went to see the film (Mom and I went one night when Dad was golfing) was that all those years ago, the fifteen year old me had a crush on Matthew Broderick!

Today I had another Pilates class which challenged me and made me feel I am really moving forward toward my goal of healthy strength. Guy is working late again tonight, this time very late indeed on a very big project. The office is absolutely full of people. Skype is great, I can see him in the office and check in to see how it is all going. The plus side is he is working from home tomorrow. Alex and I had a super TV dinner – pizza, salad and ice cream – and watched three episodes of the new series of Scrubs. It was really good fun.

Tomorrow our new living room furniture arrives and I am really looking forward to that. We have chosen a colour I would never have thought I would – various shades of red, biscuit and cream with mahogany wood. I used the design service at Laura Ashley and I am really excited to see how it all comes together. Pictures to follow!

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