Monday, April 14, 2008

We're Here....

So the flight did not really get much better. When we had got on, the man in front of us insisted on pushing his bag into the overhead locker, despite the fact there was no room. So when he opened up the locker mid flight, my own bag fell and hit me on the back of the neck. I nearly saw stars. He and his wife could just not understand it later when I was visibly and verbally upset as he got up BEFORE THE SEAT BELT SIGN WAS TURNED OFF, opened up the locker above my head again and left it open. The plane was not fully parked and it is so dangerous doing that. Idiot! Some people just should not fly. I was mildly calmed down by the fact that despite their huge rush, and although they got off the plane before we did, we overtook them, got through immigration, retrieved our luggage and were leaving the arrivals hall whilst they stood still waiting for their luggage which I cruelly hoped was in Beijing.

We had a good run to Kitchener in the rental car we got from Avis. It’s a Chrysler 300, one of the limited edition ones, and it is very nice indeed. After a great dinner at East Side Mario's on Highland Road (where they remembered us from our last visit in January!), we were very happy to call it a day. It was nearly ten o’clock (three in the morning for us) so I thought we did really well.

Saturday morning we set off for Sarnia to visit my cousin Esther and her family. We had such a lovely weekend with them. They are such hospitable people and we all get on so well. Esther is an amazing cook. Everything was just delicious and she makes it look almost effortless. She is also great at sharing recipes and has really got me excited about cooking again. I’m so grateful to Esther and her husband Craig for all the help and support they gave us when Dad and Mom passed away. Their boys are lovely too and Alex had a super time with them.

We stayed with them until this morning when we set off for Kitchener again. Our first stop was Winston Park Retirement Home, where Mom and Dad lived until their deaths. We wanted to say hi to some folks and let them know we were in town. We’ll pop back again, and Alex wants to spend some time there as he has made some wonderful friends there. He can do that when we are having some of our meetings about Mom and Dad’s estates later this week. I have to confess I found it very hard going back to Winston Park. Everything reminds me of Mom and Dad and I’m finding it quite hard to deal with. In fact, almost everything we do and everywhere we go there are things that make me think of them.

We’ve spent the rest of the day chilling out. We spent a bit of time at Fairview Park Mall doing a little light shopping and I even had a manicure. I had been complaining about my nails so Guy encouraged me to do that. It really made me feel better. I don’t know why having neat and tidy red nails makes me so happy but I find it bizarrely comforting. I’m either very easily pleased or incredibly shallow!

Tonight we are off to the Crock and Block Restaurant in Kitchener. I don’t know why we keep going back to places that remind me so much of Mom and Dad. It makes me sad, but on the flip side folks always recognize us and make us feel so very welcome. It’s amazing how many people remember us. I don’t know what it is about us, but we seem to be pretty unforgettable. It is really wonderful.

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