Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Another Busy Day in the Life

It’s wonderful looking back on the fun times we had together this summer. The picture above is (from left to right) is me, Alex and Guy at Epcot in Disneyland. We are in the Germany area, in a little shop/wine bar where I’d just bought a corkscrew. (There wasn’t one in our hotel.) There was a couple who wanted their picture taken together, so Guy did it for them. So then they offered to take one of us. I was pleased with how well it turned out.

What a busy day today has been. I’ve been working on my website – check out the new page on www.21stcenturyhousewife.com . I also went to Pilates. It was my first class for three weeks and I could feel a difference almost immediately. It really helps with your posture as well as flattening your tummy. Then this afternoon my yoga teacher came for our one on one class. After that it was time to try out my new breadmaker which seems to work very well indeed, although we’ve yet to taste the results – we are going to have some of the loaf with stew for dinner. Add to all of this some other minor domestic tasks, and suddenly I’m sitting here at 7pm and Guy is on his way home for dinner. And these are the Days of Our Lives….

It’s been a great day today though. I love being busy and the weather has not been that bad at all. In fact, Alex and I even managed an hour long walk down by the Thames today (forgot to mention that earlier!). I really am full of energy today but then again, exercise always does that for me. Also we’ve got lots to look forward to these next few months. It all starts this weekend with a super play on Saturday night and afternoon tea at the Ritz on Sunday. So I’m very excited about the Fall (oops, that’s my inner Canadian trying to get out - I mean Autumn!).

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