Friday, September 12, 2008

The strange metaphysical connection between my skin, Hamlet and a BMW

I’m having an interesting sort of day. In the first instance, my skin can’t decide if it is fourteen or forty, being plagued as I am today by dry patches interspersed with the odd spot! How can you be dry and oily in the same place at the same time? There is something about this that just is not fair. Thank goodness for concealer.

I spent half an hour this morning trying to get tickets for the production of Hamlet in London starring David Tennant and Patrick Stewart. The website just fell over completely, showing a screen with “server too busy” on it every time I tried. As for the phone, it was just constantly engaged. It’s amazing how I can multi-task – typing with one hand whilst holding (and dialing!) a phone with the other. Oh the life skills I develop!! Despite all my efforts, the tickets sold out within minutes. Never one not to let an experience teach me something, I’ve taken out membership of the Royal Shakespeare Company so this doesn’t happen again. As a member you get priority booking. I had no idea this was the case having had no time to investigate this. Luckily a nice lady has now told me. I also joined the Royal Horticultural Society at the same time just to cover all my bases. That way I’ll get priority tickets to Chelsea Flower Show and Hampton Court Flower show as well. I hate queuing – in person, on the phone or on computer – so this might be a way to avoid it. We’ll see. At this rate, between these two, the National Trust, and English Heritage, there are not many organisations I don’t belong to anymore!

I also managed to test drive a BMW 7 series with Guy today. The dealer sent it to the house for us as it was the only way we could both drive it at the same time within the next few weeks. They must be keen, the dealership was over forty miles away. It’s a lovely car, and it drives beautifully, but it’s very, very black. Black exterior, black leather interior – very masculine. This is a good thing as it is, after all, a car for Guy. On the flip side, it kind of scares me. It’s really big, really wide and really black. To me, it looked like a car that the devil might drive on his day off. We’re very much in two minds about it. I can’t say I love it, but then, it isn’t for me to love. Still, I’d like to feel a tad more enthusiastic about it. Maybe I can be convinced. The jury is definitely out at the moment.

The downside of both these activities is that by now I had expected to a) get a lot more writing done, b) get a lot more housework done, c) get some of the rubbish to the dump as I’ve been having a massive clear out and d) get out to pick up a housewarming gift as we are going away this weekend. Oh yeah, and e) pack. I still don’t understand how people can ask housewives what they do all day.

One of the things that has gone very well today is that Guy is working from home. I always like that. Even though he is clearly busy, at least he is here and I do enjoy his company. The other thing is that I had a delivery from Abel and Cole, the organic food delivery company. It’s brilliant. Just before 8am on a Friday, the driver leaves my shopping right by the back door. Anything that has to be kept cold is wrapped in ice and everything is beautifully presented. You can get eggs (none of which have ever been broken on arrival), bread, vegetables, fruit, milk and even meat (although I have not actually tried that yet). It’s lovely. I also like that the delivery day for this area is Friday, it’s just right for the weekend. Oh yes, and I’m looking forward to visiting our wonderful friends this weekend as well. So on the whole, it’s a great day, I’m just feeling a little muddled.

Just like my skin apparently! And how’s that for full circle?!

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