Monday, September 29, 2008

Sunday 29th September

I felt very lucky this weekend as I’ve spent the whole of it with people I love, and that is such a blessing in today’s world of hustle and bustle! Guy, Alex and I drove down to Dorset today to visit our dear friends near Beaminster. It was a pretty good drive there, aside from the Stonehenge effect on the A303 on the way down. You can see Stonehenge from the highway, and it appears just as you come over the crest of a hill. This causes nearly everyone to think “oh my goodness, it’s Stonehenge” and slam on the breaks. Even though I’ve driven this route a number of times, the Stonehenge effect gets me every time and it’s always a shock to have to break so heavily almost totally unexpectedly! Next time, I’ll remember.

Stonehenge is gorgeous in the sunshine and it was a beautiful sunny day today. At times the temperature was over twenty degrees Celsius. What a treat for this time of year. We got to our friends’ house just before noon, and then headed off for a visit to the beach at Eype. We spent an hour or so just strolling along and enjoying the wonderful scenery. People were even swimming – although they were very brave to do so! They came out of the water looking rather blue. The North Sea in September is far from warm. The beach at Eype is a stony one, but the stones are the most gorgeous colours. There are even little blue stones that are almost like crystals. You can find fossils there too. It’s stunning, one of my favourite beaches in the whole world. It was lovely to be in the company of our wonderful friends too.

We had a super home cooked dinner with them before we headed off home. My friend and her daughter (our God-daughter) made an apple and blackberry pie, with apples from the tree in their garden and blackberries they had picked from the hedgerows. Delicious! The time to head off home came way too soon, but being a Sunday night you have to be careful or you get caught in terrible traffic. We didn’t do too badly, but did catch some of the Sunday rush so the journey home took longer than the journey there. We thoroughly enjoyed our day with our friends and I do hope we can get together again soon.

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