Friday, January 09, 2009

Where did the week go?

We had a wonderful journey back home from New York. The limousine collected us late Monday afternoon, and we went to the British Airways lounge at JFK on arrival where we were offered a pre-flight supper so we could sleep in flight. Our flight was on time and everything went really well. In fact, we arrived back at Heathrow airport earlier than expected, but luckily we went straight in, no nausea-inspiring circling for us! The driver was waiting to collect us on arrival and we were home before nine o’clock in the morning on Tuesday. Fabulous!

Tuesday was a bit of a difficult day for me as it was the first year anniversary of my Mom’s death. I do miss her so much. I still find it hard to believe my parents have gone. I found my Mom’s old scissors in her sewing kit the other day and it was such a strange thing as I could just see her standing there using them all those years ago. With moving house around the same time as my parents passed away it has meant that it has taken me a really long time to go through things, and I keep finding things that remind me of my parents on an almost daily basis over a year after their deaths. It is nice in one way and very sad in another.

Since we got back from New York it has just been an absolute blur of activity. The 21st Century Husband is back at work, and the 21st Century Teenager is in the middle of trying to finish his GCSE coursework. (GCSEs are state set exams every Year 11 has to take in England.) He missed a deadline this week, causing me to nearly have a nervous breakdown, but luckily his teacher has given him an extension. I do think that the stress they put on young people here educationally is quite staggering – but I have to confess I often wonder if it isn’t harder on their parents than on the young people themselves! As for me, I am trying to get the house organised again, particularly the study, which has not been right since we moved in. It has become a bit of a catch all for boxes and lots of “stuff”. I’m also keeping very busy with my writing, having rather neglected it over the Christmas and New Year period.

It was wonderful to get back to exercising properly this week. Everything except yoga has started up again, and that starts again next week. I am so much more balanced, physically and emotionally, when I exercise. It makes such a difference to how you feel, not to mention how you look – and apparently there are all sorts of other health benefits we can’t see – like the cells of people who exercise apparently act ten years younger than in those who do not. It works for me! We are off to look at a local health club this weekend– I am hoping to persuade the 21st Century Husband and Teenager to join me in more exercise.

It has been so cold here! We really are not set up for extremes of weather in England and the cold weather has caused chaos in places. Luckily it has been okay here – just the odd dusting of snow and very cold weather. I’m feeding the birds and the squirrels extra as I can’t imagine how cold they must be!

We’ve got a quiet weekend planned which I am very pleased about. There is lots of work to be done but I’m hoping we will get a chance to relax in between.

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