Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kind of Like Monday....

It feels kind of like Monday here today. My husband took a couple days off work over my birthday, and it has really felt like a holiday, but now he is back at work and everything is back to normal. So today feels like the first day of the week, even though it is Wednesday!

We had a great time though. Apart from Friday in London (more about that in tomorrow’s blog entry!) and the weekend, which we spent in the Midlands, we just stayed nearby (the furthest afield we went was about half an hour up the road). It was wonderful just to have some time at home and a lot of fun to be able to explore our local area together. Life has been so busy since we moved here back in December 2007 that we really have not had much time to do that. I also visited some of my favourite little shops in Pangbourne, the wonderful butchers Green’s of Pangbourne, Grey’s Cheese Company and the lovely florists Green Parlour, where I bought the bouquet pictured above.

It’s back to routine again today though, although I have to say life is very rarely routine here in the 21st Century Household! I’ve been getting caught up on some of my writing and paperwork, and I have even booked some tickets for The Henley Festival, which is coming up in July. There is so much going on in this area over the summer, it is hard to choose what things we would like to do, and even more than that, to figure out how to fit them all in! July should be a pretty exciting month here with Wimbledon, The Charity Gala Preview of the Hampton Court Flower Show, The Henley Festival and our summer holiday to New York, Boston and Canada all already booked in.

It’s an exciting day here today too. We are having our first ever giveaway on my website " The 21st Century Housewife". Check it out! Click here to find out more.

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