Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Snow, A Giveaway and Vintage Chic

It’s snowing here in England today which is something that still happens rarely enough to make it noteworthy. I surprise myself by how excited I get when it snows here. When I was growing up in Canada, snow was a pretty regular occurrence in the winter - something I hardly noticed - but here it is something of a treat. It’s a fine balance though because if we get more than a couple of centimetres the whole country will grind to a halt and this time of year that could be very inconvenient. Frankly, it has not amounted to much -

but for the moment I’m enjoying the fluffy white flakes and letting them make me feel very Christmassy indeed. From the looks of things, they won’t be around for long!

And now for some news!!
Watch this space for a very special Giveaway announcement on Friday! The nice folks at

are joining up with us here at 21st Century Housewife to do a very cool giveaway. They have some great products on their site, including some wonderful Paula Deen Cookware.
I saw some of Paula Deen's Cookware products in her shop when I visited Savannah a couple years ago and they looked amazing. The item being given away is from one of my favourite lines, and one of you could find it a very useful addition indeed to their kitchen - so be sure to be here on Friday for the announcement!

And to finish - a quick tip for the Christmas season. Be sure to check the back of your wardrobes, attic etc. Everything old really is new again, particularly clothes, shoes and accessories, many of which are considered terribly chic these days. (Seriously, have you noticed how often the words “in vintage” appear next to a celebrity’s name?) And in these slightly dubious economic times, it can really save some pennies to use something you already have. For example, when I bought some rather beautiful new shoes at Russell and Bromley for a party the other day, the saleslady took great pains to point out the matching bag. It cost more than the shoes - which were rather expensive themselves!! Luckily, I have a wonderful evening bag that used to belong to my Mom which is in perfect condition. It is circa 1950, black with silver trim and a darling clasp. I get loads of compliments every time I use it.

Don’t they look like they were made to go together? And, it’s saved me over £100 ($200!) Seriously, check those closets and attics!!

Tomorrow I’ll post another yummy Christmas recipe as I head off to the Holly Blogger Christmas Bash again - and don’t forget to be here on Friday for the Giveaway Announcement!