Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Work in Progress

When we bought the curtains and furniture for our living room two years ago I really stepped outside my comfort zone. For the first time ever I decided to use the colour red in decorating. I don’t know why I had always been afraid to use it before, but I’m really glad I used it this time.

So it wasn’t all too much, the interior designer from Laura Ashley recommended we use some creamy beiges to offset the red. Our carpets throughout the house are all beige anyway - which may have been a mistake as I am getting to the stage that I think I may need to replace some of it in the higher traffic areas, but never mind. They look lovely, it’s just hell keeping them clean.

Anyway, back to the living room. Although I was really happy with it, the interior designer I used was kind of inexperienced. While everything looked nice, it seemed almost like something was missing.

So recently I bought a really pretty red vase to go on the fireplace, and changed the things I had put on the mantle. I also replaced the white candles (see above) with red ones (see below).

It has made a real difference! I love the Family Unity statue by Brian Mukoka that my friend gave me for Christmas (on the left), and also the paperweight on the right which was a tenth wedding anniversary present from my cousins.

I also managed to find some more cushions and a throw which have helped to brighten up the rest of the room.





But this room, like the rest of my house, is very much a work in progress. This is our third new-build house so I’m used to ‘magnolia’ (British builders’ fancy word for beige) walls, but it’s definitely time to start looking at paint and wall coverings. I’m encouraged by what I have managed to find in terms of accessories and soft furnishings this last couple weeks, but I’m keen to make this room really flow and also to make it feel a bit warmer. I’m also on the lookout for a throw rug for the middle of the room - you can see in the first photo on this page that the room is crying out for one.

But slowly, slowly we are getting there. I can’t wait till it all comes together. But let’s face it, there really is no great big rush. Houses, like people, take time to get to know. The longer you spend with them, the more you understand what makes them tick, and the more comfortable you become with them.

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