Monday, February 15, 2010

A Few of My Favourite Things

I love to travel - and I don’t even mind the journey as long as I have a comfy seat - but when you are on a flight that is scheduled to last nearly eleven hours, it is inevitable that at some point you are going to get a bit bored - no matter how good the in-flight entertainment is. I really have enjoyed myself so far - the food has been great, I had a nice glass of wine, and I finally treated myself to a copy of Twilight, by Stephanie Meyer, a book I have been wanting to read for quite some time now. I always hesitated to buy it because I’m not really into scary stories (so vampires are pretty much out) and it was billed as a story for young adults - but so many young adults have told me how good it is I finally gave in and bought my own copy. I read it in one sitting - I was barely able to put it down to eat my lunch! I can’t wait to get hold of the rest of the books in the series. Stephanie Meyer is a great storyteller - she had me hooked all the way through. If you have not read Twilight already, I highly recommend it.

My husband and I then spent some time dozing and listening to some music together with those headphone splitter things that mean you can both listen to one iPod at the same time. It’s great having him all to myself this Valentine’s Day. It’s pretty rare for me to have over ten solid hours at a time with him right beside me. It got me to thinking about how that is just one of the many things I have to be grateful for. Here are some more:-

1. My family and the very beautiful part of the world we live in (this was taken less than ten minute’s walk from our house) and that I am able to visit so many other very beautiful parts of the world. I’m also grateful that our son (who is on a trip with college) has arrived safely in Spain. And most of all for answered prayer for safe travel during their 24 hour bus journey particularly when a wild and crazy car driver decided to drive the wrong way on the motorway in Spain. He avoided hitting the bus, thank God.

2. The fact that it is Valentine’s Day means that we are getting seriously closer to Spring. The days are getting longer, and by the time March gets here we usually have some flowers out at home. The picture above is from March/April last year, but I’ve even got daffodils blooming in a container outside now!

3. Our friends and extended family who are all a very special part of our lives.

4. That my husband, son and I are all in good health. Also that I am now fit enough to be working towards running a 5km fun run and hopefully eventually a 10 km run with my husband - something I never dreamed I would do in my life, let alone now!

5. My rich family history and wonderful memories of my parents. I love surrounding myself with things that remind me of them and pieces of furniture that have a history - whether from my parents’ childhood, my own, or the history my husband, son and I have created together. This cute heart shaped dish is one of three that nest inside each other. They belonged to my Mom, and I have loved them since I was little. We use them for sweets and candies or sauces (like the cranberry sauce above). I thought this picture was particularly suitable for today - the bright cranberries sitting jewel-like in the heart shaped dish - and with it I wish you and yours a very Happy Valentine’s Day! The things I have listed are only a few of the things I have to be grateful for, and I hope you have a great many things to be grateful for as well.

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