Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just Relaxing

My husband and I spent today just settling in and being together. Bliss.

We enjoyed wandering round Santana Row, the purpose built community in San Jose that is home to many high-end shops, upscale restaurants and bars, some fantastic spas, and beautiful homes plus a 213 room boutique hotel that is our “home away from home” for the next week or so. There is a huge Westfield Mall called Valley Fair at the North End of it as well. The top two photos are from Santana Row - I love the well-tended plant and flower displays they have, and was very impressed indeed to see delphiniums blooming in February. There are some lovely shops - we did an awful lot of window shopping! There is certainly lots to look at and explore when my husband is at work over the next few days - especially the home and decorating shops.

Around lunchtime we drove to Los Gatos, a beautiful little community a few miles away that is full of a lot of quaint shops, galleries and some fantastic restaurants. The bottom two photos are from there, and I’ve got more to post later. We ate lunch at a very popular restaurant called Steamers, which we visited on one of our previous visits when we actually stayed in Los Gatos. Steamers specialise in fish, and I had a beautiful Shrimp Louis salad while my husband had some gorgeous sole in lemon butter with homemade coleslaw. Delish! It’s a must-visit if you are anywhere near Los Gatos.

We headed back to Santana Row to tour the beautiful town homes at Santana Heights. Small but very well laid out townhouses and apartments, they would be a great place for folks who love the buzz of city life. It seems a lovely lifestyle, with a concierge to arrange for your every need, shared gym and a beautiful pool - unfortunately with a price tag to match! Of course, we have no plans to move; we were just interested to see the properties on offer there. I love looking at show homes and visiting open houses.

We had dinner with an old friend and her daughter at The Cheesecake Factory this evening. It was great to catch up. I had the Luau Salad, made with chicken, green salad, peppers, mangos, macadamia nuts, wontons and sesame seeds. Sadly it’s not diet-friendly due to its size and its contents; it was, however, delicious! I have no excuse as I have had this salad before; I knew it wasn’t the low cal choice when I ordered it! And yes, I did have cheesecake, but we shared one piece between three of us. If you have ever been to the Cheesecake Factory you will know why. I had just three bites of it and felt like I had eaten an entire cheesecake - incredibly delicious but very, very rich!!

It’s been a tough day for my poor son though, who called from Spain this evening to say he and several of the group on his tour have traveller’s tummy. I cannot describe what it felt like to know that my baby (also known as our 17 year old son) was ill over 5,000 miles away and there was nothing I could do. I gave him the best advice I could, telling him to keep hydrated, take the Immodium I sent with him and to try to sleep (his room-mate had so far escaped the plague and was keeping an eye on him). At first I felt really guilty for being so far away, but then I realised that the conversation would have been the same if I had been at home in England - I would have had no more power to help him there than I have here. I’m just praying he and all the others are well in the morning. I know we have to let our kids grow up, go off and do things on their own, but man, is it ever hard!!

Tomorrow my husband is at work, so I’ll have lots of time to explore and report back on any of the goodies I find!

(Please note, none of the businesses mentioned in this post have provided any promotional consideration and any opinions expressed are purely my own.)

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