Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Time In The Garden

Spring has definitely sprung here, and I could not be happier. There is something about the way the air smells and feels that just makes me feel so grateful to be alive. One of my favourite spring flowers are crocus, and I was thrilled to see these little guys popping up in my garden the other day.

Last week, my friend S came to stay for a couple of days. She is an amazing gardener. A few years ago she helped me landscape the garden in our previous home and I was so happy with it. I chose most of the plants for the meaning they had attached to them. For example I chose nasturtiums because my Mom used to talk about using them for pretend dishes when she and her sister played tea parties when they were little and trilliums because they are the provincial flower of Ontario, the Canadian province where I was born. I’m going to do that in this garden too. I like my plants to have meaning. There’s a lot of ground to cover though as this garden is nearly double the size of our last one, and our last one was pretty big!

All the gardening aside, it was great to spend a couple days with S just pottering around in the garden. It had been ages since we had a chance to catch up and now we live so far apart I really miss her! She brought me some very pretty bulbs in colours I love, including some gorgeous purple gladioli (which my Grandma used to grow) and six amazing tree lilies, some pink and some yellow. I admired the tree lilies in her garden last year so she brought me some of my own. I’m really excited for them to start coming through. They can grow to be ten feet high!

Since S’s visit, I’ve been working on gradually adding a few more plants including some evergreen clematis to grow up the trellis between the main garden and the kitchen garden. They will all have white flowers. I’ll grow some sweet peas between them. I love sweet peas. I’m also waiting for my Rocket Gardens - a veggie one and a herb one. They do baby plants you can just pop in the soil for an instant garden - perfect for my raised beds, tucked away in a tiny corner of the garden, which look very empty at the moment. There’s just one lonely rosemary plant in there at the moment.

Poor thing, I hope to get some company for it soon! I do have some seeds that I must get planted too. I’ve been waiting for the warmer weather but it seems to have arrived so I’d better get a move on.

In the meantime, I am going to enjoy watching my lovely flowers pop up (including my bleeding hearts which are just now slowly waking up - their little red shoots gradually curling their way out of the soil).

I love spring!

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