Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nigella Lawson's New iPhone App

Nigella Lawson has launched her very own iPhone app – the Nigella Quick Collection. Being a huge fan, I downloaded it as soon as I heard about it and I am so glad I did. I think it is the most useful app on my iPhone so far – and it is incredibly user-friendly.

Nigella introduced her app at an event yesterday evening at the Apple Store in London’s Regent Street. She is quoted as saying , “I am iPhone-obsessed and app-addicted anyway, so feel particularly excited about my own ‘Nigellapp’. This really feels like an application that is comfortable to use, either to inspire after a long day or give general and specific cooking tips. I am very proud of this gorgeous little greed-gadget.”

Frankly, she should be. As well as recipes from her best selling books, there are new recipe videos exclusive to the app. Other video clips include “how to” demonstrations of skills from deseeding a pomegranate to choosing chorizo. Nigella also gives audio tips within the written recipes. If you need inspiration, you can browse the recipes by mood or the contents of your fridge.

To make life easy, you can add the ingredients from a recipe to a shopping list with the touch of a button. You can also add other items to your list simply by typing them in. This clever app then categorises your added ingredients into sections – pasta goes under ‘storecupboard’ for instance and eggs under ‘dairy’, making shopping a breeze. It’s also fantastic to use in the kitchen as there are no worries about getting your iPod touch or iPhone sticky because the app has voice control. This means you can ‘turn’ the virtual pages of the recipe by saying “forwards” or “backwards”. I have to confess, I had a lot of fun playing with that feature!

I’ve downloaded a lot of apps in my time, and I am seriously impressed with this one. It’s well organised, easy to use and very, very useful. Well done to Nigella and her team for creating this fabulous little “greed gadget” – I think it’s my favourite app so far!

Disclosure: This is my independent, unbiased opinion and no payment or promotional consideration has been received for this post.

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