Monday, May 24, 2010

Busy As Usual

It’s really hot here at the moment, very nearly 30 .  Everyone is barbecuing, the electric fans are on, and life is moving at a much slower pace for most people.  But although we are barbecuing and our fans are going full tilt, life never moves at a slow pace in our house!!

The new furniture in our study is being built in this week (to see what we are doing click here), as is another big wardrobe in the master bedroom.  Oh, and we are having the living room painted as well - all starting on Wednesday.  This means that I have a heck of a lot of stuff to sort through and a lot of furniture and curtains to move - not exactly hot weather work!  Plus I’m packing for our upcoming trip to San Francisco, which I am looking forward to more than I can say.

I just wandered out into the garden for a breath of fresh air and to enjoy the sunshine and I was delighted to find some really nice surprises.

Some of the strawberries are starting to ripen and I’ve got two tiny tomatoes forming on one of my tomato plants (okay they are so teeny you can hardly see them, but I'm thrilled!).

There is also a good chance we might be able to have a completely home grown salad pretty soon.

There is a good crop of red and green lettuces, along with some giant red mustard and some rocket.  I’m getting so much pleasure out of watching my garden grow.  I still have tons I need to do, particularly in the very large flower garden part of it, but it’s great to see things coming along so well. 

Speaking of gardens, tomorrow my husband and I are off to see the very spectacular show gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show in London. I’m hoping to get lots of inspiration.  I’ll take plenty of pictures so I can share this iconic flower show with you.  Watch this space!

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