Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Vintage Summer

I’ve been very blessed in the china, stoneware and crystal department.  Not only do I have my own from when I got married and another set I purchased some years later, but my Mom very kindly gave me much of her own beautiful collection of china and crystal, some of it antiques, when she was not able to entertain much anymore.  It is lovely because nearly all the pieces I own have a history, and each one brings lots of memories to mind.  So it is pretty rare that I buy any china or glassware, but every once in a while, something cute catches my eye and I find myself bringing it home with me. 

There seems to be a real trend towards vintage designs in England this year, particularly in reasonably priced stoneware, and it was one of these that caught my eye as I walked through John Lewis, a major British department store, the other day looking for a silver photo frame for a 25th anniversary present.  I was totally taken by their Polly’s Pantry collection, a casual stoneware collection with mix and match pieces decorated with dots, stripes and flowers.  After much deliberation, I chose six pretty bowls and four pasta plates.

I love the detail on each piece, from the delicate little spots round the edges of most pieces to the pretty flower on the inside rim of one of the bowls.  The range is very reasonably priced and it is all dishwasher safe.  The tea cups and saucers and the egg cups are so adorable; they would make fantastic gifts.  And no, I have not been paid for this post, I’m just a big fan of this sweet new range. 

I particularly love mix and match sets.  Although there is nothing like a perfectly matched set of bone china, there is something so homey and welcoming about something you can pick and choose according to your mood.  Perhaps I’ll hang on till the sales and get some more! 

What’s your favourite china or stoneware pattern?  Or perhaps you have a particular piece with memories attached? Email me if you like, and I can feature some of your favourite pieces in a future post!

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