Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm Back

An awful lot of things have happened since August - five bereavement and a major house move just to name a few - so I have not kept this blog updated. Although the blog on my website is fully up to date if you want to catch up on everything that has happened to the 21st Century Housewife and her family. You may want to make a cup of tea as reading it could take some time!!

So here is a copy of today's blog entry from the website, and I will try to be more disciplined about updating this one in the future!!

I’m being entertained this Easter weekend. Tomorrow we are going to Guy’s mum’s for lunch, and on Easter Sunday we are visiting with my friend Lel and her family. So I don’t really have to worry about catering for anyone except the three of us – and the odd friend of Alex’s who pops in. So my shopping list was not huge, but I decided I had better get whatever I need today as the shops will be so busy over the weekend. Well, I was not wrong. Waitrose, where I get most of my groceries, was absolutely heaving with people pushing shopping trollies that are so full you could not get much more in if you tried. Bearing in mind they (and most other grocery stores in England) are open tomorrow, Saturday and Monday I cannot understand the panic, but clearly I’m missing something. I know a lot of people are entertaining family and friends, but seriously, how big are their families…and how hungry are they? One lady actually had two trollies – she was pushing one and pulling the other. The mind boggles.

Anyway, I managed to get my shopping – although I forgot tissues again which is a slight problem as we all seem to have runny noses due to our colds. On the way in, they had some gorgeous floral displays (possibly it was these that made me forget tissues?) and I decided it would be nice to treat myself. One of the bouquets they had was Easter lilies with gladioli and pussy willows. I have never bought Easter lilies for myself before but this year, it seemed a very good idea.

You see, every year my Dad bought my Mom a pot of Easter lilies just before Easter. There is a black and white photo of me when I was about two, smelling one of them, looking like a little angel (which sadly I was not!) with gorgeous blond curls. I subsequently trimmed my own hair with blunt ended scissors and that, unfortunately, was the end of the curls. There is another taken one Easter Sunday about four years later – me the little girl wearing gloves and a tam – standing in our garden beside the picnic table on which was sitting a pot of Easter lilies. I remember we had just come back from church. As I got older there were always lilies, and one year when Dad was here for Easter he bought them for me. Even last year, when Dad was so ill and everything was an effort, there were Easter lilies in the apartment when we arrived for Easter. So I decided that this year there will still be lilies, even if Dad can’t be the one to buy them. They look gorgeous and they made me feel better.

I’ve got some fabulous eggs this year from Hotel Chocolat . They are just incredible, filled with amazing multicoloured chocolate eggs, or tiny little chickens, ducks and smiley faces all made of chocolate. We are lucky enough to have one of their shops at the Oracle in Reading so I was able to pick and choose there, but there is even more to choose from on their website. Just looking at the site is enough to make your mouth water. I’ve got my eye on the Rocky Road to Caramellow, but as their four o’clock deadline for mail order has passed, I’m not sure that I’m going to get one! It’s probably just as well. I’m sure my personal trainer would not approve!

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