Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Another lovely day

The nicest thing happened to me yesterday. I was walking through the garden from our house to the garage when a cute cat came up to me. He was the spitting image of our lovely old gentleman cat Woody when he was a kitten. At first I was a bit shocked, the resemblance was so uncanny, but I bent down to pat him and we made friends. He even tried to get in the house. I didn’t let him go in – like Woody he is a well fed little soul, so he is clearly someone’s well loved cat and I wouldn’t want to confuse him. It was just so nice to see a friendly cat – although I did make it very clear to him he needs to leave all the lovely birds visiting my bird feeder well alone! Then he walked away and settled himself under the bushes in the flower bed, just like Woody used to do. I found that incredibly comforting.

Anyway, it’s been fairly peaceful here in the 21st Century Household these last few days. We’ve just been getting on with things and enjoying life. Despite the bullying Alex has been experiencing, we are feeling much more settled here. I must admit, my one on one yoga sessions have been incredibly helpful to me. I have a session once a week with a lovely yoga teacher. She has really helped me come to terms with Mom and Dad’s deaths and become more flexible and fit at the same time!

Tomorrow I am going to Ladies’ Day at Royal Ascot. It is something I have always wanted to do, and this year I was lucky enough to be invited by my wonderful aesthetician Eve who owns Eden Beauty in Burton-on-Trent. I have a wonderful new outfit and hat to wear (suitably demure as is specified by the officials at Royal Ascot!) and I feel very excited. It seems it may be a very special Ladies’ Day indeed as the news is that Kate Middleton’s mother has been invited to meet the Queen in the Royal Enclosure tomorrow! Wouldn’t it be lovely if Prince William finally got engaged to Kate Middleton? I’d really love to see that. We could do with a Royal wedding and they make a gorgeous couple. I know the course of true love rarely does run smoothly but it would be so nice if just for once it did!

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