Monday, June 09, 2008

Catching Up

Friday was sunny and gorgeous, so after a morning spent pottering round the house, we set off for Windsor, one of the prettiest little towns I know. Of course, Windsor is the home of Windsor Castle, one of the homes the Queen still lives in a great deal of the time. The castle itself is absolutely massive, sprawling over what would be several city blocks. The town, which grew up round the castle, lays at its feet. Windsor has lots of gorgeous little shops and galleries, and lots of super restaurants. It is a great place to spend the day, and you can even walk across Windsor Bridge to Eton, the home of the very famous college. If you have time, Windsor is a fantastic castle to visit. It has been beautifully restored post the terrible 1992 fire, and contains some amazing treasures. The chapel in Windsor Castle, St George’s, is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. We did not really have time for a proper visit to the castle however, so instead decided to wander round the streets of Windsor and Eton, perusing the shops and galleries. We had lunch at Francesco's, a super little Italian restaurant in Peascod Street. It has long been a favourite of Guy’s and we had a super lunch there. On our way home we stopped in Reading for a bit of light shopping and then headed home for dinner with Alex. It was a brilliant day, very relaxing and so nice to spend some time together just wandering round a pretty place and relaxing.

Saturday we were a bit more industrious, doing quite a bit of work in the garden and planting the Robinia tree which was delivered to us last week. We had a Robinia on Squires Way and loved it, so we were keen to find another one, but it took quite a bit of searching! Eventually we found one at the Big Plant Nursery. Anyway, after all our hard work, Guy and I took some time out to have a bit of a drive in the country in my car. The weather was gorgeous so it was the perfect day for it. We stopped at a farm shop and bought some freshly picked asparagus for supper. Sadly after that we had to do some packing, as Guy had to head off to Singapore Sunday on business. Thankfully it is only for a few days.

Yesterday, after the driver collected Guy for his trip to Singapore, Alex and I headed off to London on the train for a bit of an explore. We had great fun wandering around Regent Street, and then headed off to Harrods, where we took time out for a cup of tea and a cake in the branch of the famous French patisserie, Laduree, which is located in store. We didn’t buy anything in Harrods, but did a lot of looking round at all the amazing things they have for sale there. I did get a nice pair of black pumps at Russell and Bromley in Regent Street, one of my favourite shoe shops. It was very hot in London though so we decided to head back to Reading and had a really nice dinner there before catching a cab home. It was a really fun day, but I do miss Guy. Business trips are the one part of being a corporate wife that I absolutely loathe – except of course when I get to go along!!

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