Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chaos As Usual!

Chaos as usual here! We are all pretty sleep deprived and running on empty, looking forward to the weekend.

Yesterday was so busy. An old colleague of Guy’s was coming round to dinner, but I also had to take Alex all the way to Birmingham for his orthodontist appointment (you start out with an orthodontist, you stick with him all the way through!). Birmingham is a good two hour drive, but I knew that yesterday it would take longer as the weather was absolutely appalling. The appointment was at 3pm, and our dinner guest was due at 7pm. It was going to be a tight squeeze, no matter how I sliced it.

So I spent the morning rushing round getting everything ready – tidying up, setting the table, grabbing a few last minute things etc. etc. At 11.50am I hightailed it off up the road to collect Alex from school and we set off on our journey. The rain was just torrential. Visibility was not good at all, and the roads were like skid pans. Our normal two hour journey took closer to two and a half hours. We did get there in time though, and even managed to stop for a quick bite of lunch.

The hysterical thing about these orthodontist appointments is that they last all of twenty minutes, if that. When we combine a trip up to the orthodontist with something else, it doesn’t seem so ridiculous. But yesterday, being as we had to be back in time to cook dinner, the impracticality of the fact that we were spending four hours plus in the car to get to a twenty minute appointment was glaring obvious and kind of irritating. But what can you do? You can’t change orthodontists in the middle of your treatment, any more than you would want to change plastic surgeon in the middle of your face lift! When someone is redesigning your bite, and hence your face, you really don’t want to mess around. They are really nice in the office though and even got Alex and I coffee before we set off again.

So we got back in the car once again and headed back off down towards home. If anything, the weather was worse. Even driving cautiously there was so much water on the road it was impossible not to aquaplane from time to time. The journey home took two and a half hours as well, but we made it through the door by 6pm, which gave me a whole hour (wow!) till our guest was due to arrive. I tried to get my face to relax (I’d been concentrating so hard on driving in the bad conditions you could see the tension written all over it) while I touched up my makeup and rushed around getting things ready to prepare dinner.

Guy came through the door at 6.45pm, just off the train from London after a very busy day. Things were nearly set to go. If you want to see what I cooked for dinner, check out today’s entry on my food blog at . Actually, the evening went really well on the whole, and our guest was very good company. He and Guy really enjoyed seeing each other again. He didn’t stay that late either, but we were all exhausted at the end of it.

So this morning, I really relished my morning coffee. In fact, it took two cups of the stuff, and a cool shower to drag me into full wakefulness. After Guy and Alex had left for work and school respectively, I rushed around doing the usual morning routine of picking up after us all before heading off to my Pilates class. I saw a cup on top of the desk in the study, which I quickly grabbed, assuming it to be empty. I narrowly missed throwing lukewarm tea all over myself. Guy and Alex are so funny. If I have a cup of tea or coffee, I really enjoy it, and unless I am running around doing my chicken with its head cut off impression, I generally finish all of it. They don’t. For them, it is more the idea of a cup of tea or coffee that appeals more than the actual drink itself. They might carry it round with them, but very rarely do they drink it all. I find half full cups of tea everywhere. Guy’s excuse is that “it’s too hot”. It’s tea for heaven’s sake, of course it is hot. Not that this is a sore point or anything….

Today is another busy one, with Alex performing at a recital this evening. It’s at the school. If you read this blog regularly, you will know how unhappy we are with Alex’s school due to the fact that the bullies seem to be running the place. So tonight is an opportunity for us to present a united front as a family and I want to look good. I’m going to have to pull out all the stops though, especially in my attempts to make the dark circles under my eyes disappear! I’m not quite sure how it is all going to work logistically either. Alex is at school till 5pm working on coursework and Guy won’t get home until at least 6pm if I’m lucky. Alex has to be out the door again by 6.15pm and Guy and I have to be at the concert before it starts at 7pm. All this and dinner too! I think this might be a night for my famous Emergency Spaghetti (also on my food blog!).

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