Tuesday, July 08, 2008

"Just Who Will I Be?"

Guy got in at 12.30am last night, and was out the door again by 7am. This is when being a corporate wife is a pain. Mind you, Guy isn’t having a ball either. He is incredibly busy and tired, and just when he thought he was forty minutes away from home last night, road works made his journey almost double that time.

After a day of torrential rain and even some thunderstorms yesterday, the sun is finally out today. The garden is absolutely gorgeous after the rain, everything growing for all it is worth. Even my sweet peas are starting to come out. I love sweet peas.

I’ve read a wonderful little book today called “Just Who Will You Be?” by Maria Shriver. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It’s inspiring and thought provoking, taking you beyond “me” to “we” and then back to “me” again in a fascinating study of how none of us is ever finished growing and developing. Its words empower you to change and grow no matter who you are or what age you are. If you can get hold of a copy, do. It only takes about an hour to read, so no excuses about being too busy! Whether you are eighteen, eighty, or something in between, this book will speak to you.

I particularly liked how Maria Shriver talks about housewifery and motherhood being vitally important in society and I loved point 2 of her pledge to herself at the end - “to avoid using the word “just” to describe myself”. Well, if you have read this website in any detail you know I agree with that one!!

Actually, I had no idea what amazing things Maria Shriver is up to. She has a fantastic website which you can see by clicking here. Admittedly the website does refer directly to California, but the message could be translated a long way beyond California itself with its focus on “We”. Maria Shriver is also heading up a Women’s Conference in Long Beach this October. Click here for more information. It’s one I would like to attend but due to the distance and timing I’m not sure I’m going to be able to. We’ll see. The focus of the conference is excellent - “Be Who You Are”. Not “how to be someone else / richer / thinner / more organised / a better human being” – but “Be Who You Are”. As I say on the Welcome page of my website www.21stcenturyhousewife.com , “You really are amazing just as you are right now. You do not need anything else – no special products, nothing fancy - just the wonderful person that you are.” It’s true, and I’m not the only one who says so!

On that positive note, I’m off to ponder. Aside from “The 21st Century Housewife”, “Just Who I Will Be?”!

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