Thursday, December 04, 2008

It's Looking Even More Like Christmas

We completed the first of our trees last night. That’s the 21st Century Teenager putting my angel on the top (with me beside him) when we had finished the decorating. I love putting up the Christmas decorations. We always put on carols – old fashioned ones, like the ones by Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra which we all love. I’m not that keen on all the modern carols. I do like some of them, but not many. When it comes to Christmas I’m a bit of an old fashioned girl.

Today we made a trip up to Birmingham for the 21st Century Teenager’s orthodontist appointment. I love our drives up to Birmingham. We talk and listen to music during the drive. A lot of the time we listen to Classic FM. I’m so grateful the 21st Century Teenager has a wide choice of favourite music, from the classics, to jazz to the modern stuff. Mind you, I’ve always liked pretty much all kinds of music as well (except weird modern Christmas carols!). Pretty soon it will be time for the braces to come off and we won’t have as many drives up to Birmingham. I’m sure going to miss them.

I’ve been on the computer shopping online since we got home. What did we do before internet Christmas shopping? It’s so much less stressful than going to the shops. Tomorrow is a really busy day. I’ve got a new ceramic hob (stove top) arriving. It’s going to be installed on Wednesday. Finally I’m getting rid of the gas one. I hate cooking on gas. I know it is supposed to be more controllable, but not for me! Also tomorrow we are getting a big new American style side by side fridge-freezer to go in the kitchen. British fridges can be very small. I have a beautiful built in fridge freezer but it’s tiny. Finally, a year after we moved in we are getting organised!

Saturday our friends are arriving for an overnight visit. I’m so excited. We are taking our Goddaughter into London to see Father Christmas. Plus we are all looking forward to the lights and shop windows. It will be chaos because there will be so many people, but it’s silly not to go in and see it all when you live this close to London!!!

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