Friday, January 16, 2009

Where did the week go (again!)?

How can it be Friday afternoon already? Where did the week go? But yes, a quick glance at my watch reveals that it is indeed 4.35pm on a grey Friday afternoon. I cannot believe we have arrived at this time so quickly.

I am definitely not ready for our visitors. Thank goodness they are dear old friends (old as in the amount of time we have known them, not in their age!) and they won’t mind a bit. I mind a little though, but I know I have to stop worrying so much about things like that. It is one of the many New Year’s Resolutions I made this year – in fact I tend to make this one nearly every year. It is always the first resolution I break.

The 21st Century Husband spent most of the week in Ireland on business. Despite being a corporate wife for most of the time we have been married, I really do not like it when he is away. And that is another resolution broken - not to mind so much when he is away. But I do, and that is that. I was very pleased indeed to see him when he returned last night.

It has been a hugely busy week, but a good one. I am really enjoying the new health and fitness club. I attended a brilliant Body Balance class there on Wednesday. Having heard that Body Balance was a fusion of Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi, I was expecting a rather slow and easy class but was rather hoping for a bit more. Well, I got it. Body Balance is anything but slow and easy – it’s a dynamic version of the three aforementioned disciplines and extremely hard work. I’m still feeling muscles I didn’t know I had two days later. I love classes like that!

On Thursday the 21st Century Teenager and I drove up to Birmingham for his orthodontist appointment. I always enjoy our drives; they are a great opportunity for a good long chat and we usually have a lot of fun. I always treat myself to a real coffee – with caffeine – on the drive back home. My excuse is that it helps to keep me alert on the long drive, but really I just love a good latte!

Today has been very busy indeed. It was Review Day at the 21st Century Teenager’s school – the day they give out the results of the Mock (or practice) GCSE examinations and also discuss the student’s progress. . We were both very nervous on our way out to the appointment. The school is just about five minutes’ walk from our home and we set off together in plenty of time. Just as we got to the gates at the end of our drive, the 21st Century Teenager uttered an expletive I won’t repeat here and said, “I’m wearing my bloody slippers!” We had been so nervous about the results and getting to the appointment he had forgotten to put his shoes on. We both burst out laughing and it really relieved the tension. At the meeting, I was pleased with his results, although he does have a lot of work to do over these next few months. GCSE examinations put so much pressure on young people. I often wonder if they do more harm than good, but I accept that you have to measure progress and achievement somehow.

Since we got back I’ve been running round like a headless chicken trying to get everything ready without much success. I also went to the shops, and did a big shop for the first time in weeks. Admittedly we are having visitors for the weekend, but I did actually only buy things just for this weekend, and I was staggered by how much prices seem to have gone up. Mind you I was shopping at Waitrose, one of the higher end grocery stores, because I wanted everything to be special. I think next time I might go to Tesco or Sainsburys instead as I actually gasped out loud when I saw the total on the screen. I had not bought that much and I had spent nearly £200. I’m only cooking pork and chicken, not foie gras and fillet steak! Ouch.

Tonight we are off to the Club after dinner. The 21st Century Husband is meeting with a personal trainer for his gym induction. The 21st Century Teenager has his tomorrow morning. I don’t normally work out in the evenings but I’m going along as I might as well – and I haven’t exercised today so it will do me good. Hopefully it will help me to relax a bit – this week has been so chaotic!

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