Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Balance is something that I think pretty much every 21st century family struggles with, some of us more than others. Certainly, most housewives perform a tricky juggling act just about every day. We juggle our needs, wants, commitments and responsibilities in an attempt to make our homes and lives comfortable, but when we have a lack of balance in our lives it can cause stress and make us forget what is truly important.

Lack of balance causes frayed nerves, short tempers and fatigue. It’s what makes you bite your husband’s head off when he asks a simple question or causes him to snap at you when you ask him to take the garbage out. It makes us impatient with ourselves and our children, and it creates tiny fractures that, left unchecked, can cause serious damage to the fabric of our lives.

By the middle of last week, we were all beginning to suffer from a lack of balance. My husband’s work commitments were huge and my son had several deadlines for college. I had too much to do but not enough time to do it in. Added to this were family commitments that we were struggling to fit into an already overloaded schedule. None of us had been to bed before midnight in days and the alarm was always set for 6am. The television had not been switched on even once, and frankly we were struggling to even manage to eat together.

And then, the unthinkable. My husband’s Aunt, his father’s sister, passed away. She was an amazing lady, so wise and full of life. Now she has gone, and she will be missed. Her death reminded us all of the fleeting nature of life, and all the chaos really did not seem anywhere near as important as it had before.

We all have busy seasons in our lives. Getting through them together as a family with grace and humour is what it is all about. However, even more important is remembering - even as you juggle all the balls that make up your family’s existence - what is truly important, and more than anything else, what a precious gift this life is.