Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day of Rest?

It was just typical that the one day we have to sleep in this week, both my husband and I would wake up at 7.15am. Seriously considering trying to get back to sleep again, I was less than thrilled when my husband started to detail his plans for the day, which included either clearing out the study in preparation for our new furniture or clearing out the garage - whichever I felt was the best idea. At 7.15am on a Sunday morning before I had even seen a cup of coffee, neither sounded very good. But in the end we settled on moving one piece of furniture from the study up to our son’s room and then working on the garage, in particular moving things into our new shed. It’s a cute little shed, not very big, but just right for our garden tools, Wellington boots and things like that. It fits in perfectly just behind the back of the garage.

After twenty-one years (and four gardens) spent resisting a shed, I must admit I am quite fond of this little guy. It’s meant we can finally get a bit more of a handle on tidying the garage.

And that is what we spent most of the rest of the day doing. Three trips to the dump/recycling centre later, things are looking a lot better in there - although I am not quite ready to share photos yet!!

When things got a bit dusty in the garage, I retreated to the garden and managed to get some more plants in. I’m really pleased with how things are shaping up. It’s a big space, so I’m working on small sections a bit at a time, hoping that eventually they will all join up into one beautiful garden!

I got to work on another section yesterday, planting three peony plants and two pretty clematis. I got the peonies from Crocus. I ordered them a week ago Friday and they arrived on my doorstep last Monday. I was seriously impressed. They were beautifully packed and in great condition, and kept really well in their pots until I got a chance to plant them today. I’m ordering a couple more.

This is not my first attempt at growing peonies. I’ve tried in three different gardens but before I have only managed a few blooms on each plant. These plants look really strong though and one already has lots of buds on it. I felt a bit emotional planting these as peonies remind me of my Mom (who would have been 83 on Tuesday), and these are the first peonies I have planted in this, my first garden since she died. We had several beautiful peony plants in garden of the first house I lived in as a child and every June there would be an absolute riot of pink and cerise flowers which I absolutely loved. And each year Mom and I would pick some, wrap them carefully in wet tissue and drive to Stoney Creek, Ontario to put them on my Grandma’s grave. Although it was a sad errand, I enjoyed that time with my Mom so much. Peonies have been my favourite flower ever since then.

I did manage to get back into the garage eventually to help with the last few bits of tiding up. My husband did an amazing job of sorting things out in there - there is only just a bit more left to do now. We were so pleased with all our hard work we rewarded ourselves with a well deserved rest on the patio with a nice cold drink!

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