Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Goody Good Stuff

What would you say if I told you that you could give your kids candy and feel good about it? Well, thanks to the nice folks at Goody Good Stuff, now you can. They have created an alternative to traditional gummy gelatine based candy that is gelatine free, fat free and uses only natural fruit juices and extracts for colour and flavouring.

I discovered Goody Good Stuff at the BBC Summer Good Food Show where Managing Director Melissa Burton and Sales Manager Daniel Stott were handing out samples of their yummy sweets and answering all sorts of questions from interested shoppers. Daniel explained to me that all Goody Good Stuff candies are not only made as naturally as possible, but that all their products are dairy free, nut free, suitable for vegetarians and Halal, Kosher and Vegetarian Society certified. Four of the flavours are actually suitable for vegans as well. I was extremely interested in the gelatine free part. I've never liked the idea of meat gelatine in anything - after all it is made with the kind of animal parts we don't normally eat (skin and bone) so it is kind of nasty. Sadly its gelling properties mean that it is widely used in food products like candy. But by using food technology that has taken years to perfect, Goody Good Stuff have been able to completely eliminate the gelatine from their sweets.

Launched on 1st June this year, Goody Good Stuff is a product I am really excited about because not only are they made so that they are better for you, they taste really, really good. In fact, in my opinion they taste better than traditional sweets. I bought some Goody Good Stuff at the Good Food Show (purely for research purposes of course) and have been sharing them with colleagues, family and friends, all of whom agree that the fresh fruit flavours and refreshing not too chewy but just chewy enough texture make them absolutely scrumptious.  With eight flavours to choose from - from Cola Breeze and Cheery Cherries to my personal favourite, Summer Peaches - there is something for everyone, even the fussiest of candy connoisseurs.

Don't get me wrong, Goody Good Stuff are not low calorie. They are candy after all. What they are is a naturally delicious alternative to traditional sweets with none of the worrying ingredients traditional sweets so often have. Eaten in moderation these delicious treats are as good for you as a candy can possibly be and when it comes to taste, I think they are some of the best sweets on the market. I highly, highly recommend them.

For where to buy information please click here.

The 21st Century Housewife was not paid for this post.  When I find something this cool I like to share it!

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