Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My New Waffle Iron

CSN Stores - who sell everything from furniture and lighting to cookware - asked me to choose a product from one of their many stores to review.  I decided to go for a waffle iron from their cookware store as it is something I have always wanted to add to my collection of kitchen appliances.
I must say that CSN’s website is very easy to negotiate as is their ordering process and in my experience their delivery is very prompt and efficient too.    

I chose a Cuisinart waffle iron in the end because I know from experience that they are a good brand. I was also attracted to this model because it makes four waffles at one time instead of just two like many of them do.  I was very pleased to find when I received it that despite this, it does not have a large footprint so not only is it easy to fit on the worktop, it is also easy to store.  

You’ve probably noticed by now that I don’t have any photographs of waffles in this post, and there is a reason for that!  You see, although the waffle maker performed beautifully, the cook had never made waffles before - ever.  So it was kind of trial and error, and although the waffles tasted AMAZING, they were not pretty.  Not pretty at all.  I definitely need to experiment with various waffle recipes and get my confidence up before I start photographing any waffles I have made!  
In my defence, the waffle maker has settings from 1 to 6 for done-ness, and the only direction Cuisinart give regarding that is to experiment until you find a setting that suits you.  Well, I’ve only made waffles the once so far, and as we can only eat so many of them, I’m still working on finding the perfect one.  But it is a great appliance and I have every confidence that before long I’ll be turning out waffles worthy of a professional - but if I’m not it certainly won’t be the fault of the waffle iron!
I also liked that the non-stick coating on the waffle iron meant that just a light spray of olive oil kept the waffles from sticking and they were pretty easy to remove.  It’s an appliance I am very pleased to have in my kitchen.  
Disclosure:  CSN Stores gave me a £40 gift certificate towards the purchase of anything on any one of their sites.  I used it towards a product which cost more than that, so I paid the remaining balance.  This is an honest review and has not been influenced in any way by their generosity.  

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