Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Study

Our home has a study on the main floor, which for the first year and a half after we moved in was quite simply a junk room, meaning that my husband and I were working all over the house, leaving a trail of paperwork in our wake.  We finally managed to clear the room and got a designer in to help us develop an office where we could both work and that provided us with lots of storage.  I blogged about the design a couple weeks ago - to see the plans, please click here.

Anyway, on Wednesday and Thursday of this week, the furniture was installed and I am beyond pleased with the results.

We have not chosen chairs yet, and are using extra ones from our dining room suite until we do, but other than that it is finished.  It comprises two corner desks, with filing drawers in the middle and corner workstations with drawer towers beside, plus a storage unit on the wall.  It’s all built round the treadmill, which I am using to help me achieve my goal of running a 10km race (I’m up to 6km now - I don’t run fast, but I get there!).  The best thing is my husband and I both have plenty of room to work and we can be together.

I’m so pleased with how it has all turned out.  It’s the first absolutely finished room in the house, and after two and half years, I could not be more delighted! 

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