Thursday, June 03, 2010

Un Petit Bijou

While wandering through Los Gatos, a lovely little town just outside of San Jose today, I stumbled on a gorgeous little shop called ‘The Maids’ Quarters’.  It contains a beautiful collection of linens, furniture and trinkets inspired by French country living.  Cool greens and soothing pastels sit alongside gently distressed antiques, and items for sale are displayed on antique and reproduction cabinets, chests of drawers and linen presses. 

As you enter the cool interior of this lovely shop, the light floral scents of pretty paper wrapped soaps, room scents and linen waters waft round you.  Wandering into the main rooms, the beautifully staged displays capture your imagination and offer all sorts of decorating inspiration.

For nearly thirty years, owner Claudia Mann has proffered the finest linens, furniture and accessories at The Maids’ Quarters, and she very kindly allowed us to take these photographs so I could share some of her current treasures with you.   What I was particularly taken with was the attention to detail in this beautiful shop, and how I saw something new each time I looked.  For example, tucked away in a corner of one bedroom display was this amazing dress. 

Gossamer light with the most beautiful faux gem encrusted bodice, it looked like something a fairy princess might wear.  The little girl in me was enraptured, although sadly it really isn’t my size!! 

Claudia’s shop also offers wonderful ideas for the garden, and in the courtyard at the side of the shop is a huge collection of plants, garden features and furniture.  I can just imagine curling up with a book on this comfy pillow lined garden swing.

It is a delight just wandering through The Maids’ Quarters, but oh how I wish I could have taken some of these pretty treasures home to England!  Sadly my suitcase just isn’t big enough.  If you do find yourself in Los Gatos, this pretty enclave - a true little jewel - is definitely a must visit if you love beautiful things. 

For more information about The Maids’ Quarters please click here. 

The 21st Century Housewife is purely an admirer of The Maids’ Quarters, and was not paid for this post.

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