Monday, June 14, 2010

While We Were Away...

I returned home to find that in my absence my vegetable garden had completely taken off.  I could not have been more delighted!  My tomatoes have doubled in size and there are fully formed pea pods on the pea plants.  The runner beans are blooming and as for the lettuces, we’ve had two huge salads from them since we have been home and there is still tons left.  
Slightly less delightful was the party the weeds in the as yet unplanted parts of the flower beds had had.  My husband and I spent a good few hours out there pulling them out and getting things back to normal this weekend - but it was lovely to be together in the sunshine!  
I’ve got some great plants and flowers to put in this week including four phormiums, four more rose bushes, some delphiniums, foxgloves, fuchsias and hollyhocks.  It still isn’t going to fill all the empty spaces, but we are getting there.  Photos to follow soon :)

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