Monday, July 19, 2010

Exploring Boston

There is definitely plenty to do here in Boston, and since we arrived on Thursday we have been exploring this wonderful city. We discovered a fantastic Farmer’s Market in Copley Square on Friday, which had some of the most amazing produce - including beautiful heirloom varieties of tomatoes, carrots and beets.

We also took a Duck Tour, and were lucky to be one of the groups in an actual (not a replica) World War II amphibious landing vehicle complete with veteran’s signatures on the ceiling. It was wonderful having the opportunity to travel in something that had actually been used to supply and support Allied troops, and quite exciting when the “truck” changed into a boat at the water’s edge. As the Charles River is not terribly busy, the con’duck’tor allowed some of the young folks to drive the vehicle in the water - it was lovely watching their excitement as they had the chance to do this (the younger ones were very heavily supervised of course!).  Our ‘duck’ was green and called Charlie River but it’s hard to photograph the duck you are actually on, so here are photos of two that are similar both on land and in the water.

With a tongue in cheek conductor and a great group of folks on board, it was a seriously fun tour. I highly recommend it, but watch the lines when you are queueing up as sometimes they oversell the tours and if you end up at the back of the line, you have to wait for the next one - sometimes over half an hour later. We just managed to get on our scheduled tour despite having arrived over 25 minutes before we were supposed to get on board due a really haphazard and unclear lining up/waiting area. The couple behind us and their three children had to wait for the next tour, despite having arrived only minutes after we did. People who I know arrived after they did got on. 

Boston is a great city for walking in as well, and we are staying at the lovely Copley Square Hotel which is very centrally located and perfect for sightseeing. We are having a wonderful time, and I’m looking forward to exploring even more of this beautiful and historic corner of New England over the next couple of days.

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