Sunday, July 25, 2010

Time Flies

We arrived back home from our holiday yesterday and although I still have stories to share from it, I’m right back into the usual domestic chores that follow a holiday - especially washing and ironing. There is a bit more pressure than usual this time because my son is heading off again tomorrow to a ten day JACT course at Wells Cathedral in Somerset.  JACT stands for Joint Association of Classical Teachers and he is going to be taking a Latin course which will support and enhance his Ancient History studies. After that he is home for three days, and then he is heading off to a week long theatre summer school in London’s West End. In short, he will be away for much of the rest of the summer.

Suddenly my ”little boy” is becoming very grown up indeed.

The first week in July we attended the first of many University Open Days, this one at Lampeter University in Wales.

Isn’t it beautiful? It is the oldest university in England and Wales next to Oxford and Cambridge, the atmosphere is friendly and encouraging the tutors are all incredibly enthusiastic. We both think it is wonderful. My only problem with it is that it is a very, very long way from where we live. He may end up elsewhere, but this is definitely his first choice.

The heart of the matter is that this time next year I might not be getting my son’s things ready for a couple of summer courses, I might be helping him get ready to leave home for university - and it shakes me to the core.

Last week a dear friend told me that her son, one of my son’s best friends, has left home and moved into a house share. He has been out working for a while, but he is only six months older than my son, and although I know it is right and proper, that shook me too. It seems only yesterday they were little boys playing together.

Where did the time go? I’ve never been one of those moms who mourned my baby’s progress from one stage to the next -  I’ve always rejoiced at his progress and encouraged his independence. I was one of the only moms not in tears on the first day of kindergarten - I was so proud watching him walk in there all by himself ready to take on the world.  It has always been one of my dearest wishes that he be independent and confident. Plus I owe it to my Mom, who always encouraged me to go out and do the things I wanted to, even when it meant me moving over 3,000 miles away from home.

But wow, the time has gone so fast!  My son towers above both my husband and I now (and my husband is well over six feet tall himself) and suddenly it is apparent by his conduct that he is much more man than boy. I will not mourn this - it is everything I have worked for as a mom, to raise my son to be a grounded, centred young man who can go out and make a life for himself.

But gee whiz it went by awful quick.

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