Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A Gloriously Vintage Wedding

My husband and I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful family wedding last weekend. It had a relaxed elegance to it that was really refreshing and I loved the vintage theme the bride had chosen - a nod towards British summers of the post-war 1940’s and 50’s.

The bride’s hair had been styled in an up-do reminiscent of the era with a beautiful diamant√© decoration, and her dress was the epitome of simple stylish elegance.

The reception was held in an old stately home - now a secondary school - in fact, the one the bride had attended.

The room the wedding breakfast was held had a lovely vintage feel to it.

Here the theme was traditional British high tea.

Places were cleverly marked by brown parcel labels tied to china tea cups and the floral arrangements were in beautiful vintage china tea pots. When tea was served at the end of the delicious three course meal the sugar and milk were also in vintage china, accompanied by sterling silver sugar tongs.

Wedding favours were tiny gingham-topped jam jars filled with Jelly Baby sweets. They were so cute!

And instead of wedding cake after the meal there was a cheese cake - literally a cake made of wheels of cheese and decorated with fruit. It made an interesting change from fruit cake! (The bride and groom cut it just as they would have cut a traditional cake.)

But cake lovers didn’t miss out as beautiful cupcakes were served at the buffet in the evening alongside crustless tea sandwiches, all on vintage plates - again a nod to a traditional British tea.

 By then the room was magically lit - perfect for an evening celebration.

Just moments after this photograph was taken everyone returned to celebrate the night away. We all had a wonderful time.

And check out this clever souvenir of the day for the bride and groom - instead of a guest book to gather dust on a shelf, they had a china plate for everyone to sign.

It was a real blessing to be part of such a wonderful day.

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