Friday, November 05, 2010

Ecover's New Laundry Range

Ecover’s new laundry range makes it easier and more affordable than ever to be green in the laundry room. Using only sustainable plant-based and mineral ingredients, this new range still delivers great cleaning results - but with some wonderful improvements.

Ecover’s Non-Bio and Bio Powders now have a more concentrated formula, which means a smaller box size and less packaging - but it still delivers the same number of washes because you don’t need to use as much of it. It also performs better, even at 30. Plus, this concentrated formula reduces your cost per wash by twenty-five percent. 
Ecover’s Concentrated Laundry Liquids now offer more washes per 750ml bottle. Presented in a new pearlescent bottle, they still offer exceptional washing results, even at low temperatures.
Created using only plant-based ingredients, Ecover’s gorgeously fragrant fabric softeners are being re-launched in larger 750ml bottles.

The lovely folks at Ecover sent me some of their new laundry range to try for myself, and I was really impressed. I don’t normally use washing powder, preferring to use a liquid, but Ecover’s bio powder performed really well and I was particularly happy with by how little you need to use for great results.

I loved their non-bio concentrated laundry liquid. It has a light lavender fragrance and offers exceptional washing power, even on day to day stains. 

I’m already a fan of Ecover’s fabric softener (particularly the Under the Sun fragrance), so I was very pleased to receive a complimentary bottle. It gives our clothes a lovely fragrance and keeps them nice and soft. I also found the new larger bottle so much more convenient to use.

Even better, prices start at just £1.79 for these new products, making it easy to be green, even on a budget. With their new laundry range, Ecover have definitely taken a good thing and made it even better!

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