Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hats Off To Levi's

Like most moms, I almost live in jeans. It’s acceptable to wear them in all but the most formal of places these days and I love them because they are easy to dress up or down with different tops and accessories. A well fitting, comfortable pair of jeans is a joy to wear.

But finding said pair of well fitting, comfortable jeans can be a nightmare, and shopping for them can be soul destroying. Most jeans advertising features air brushed waif-like models, and gives the impression that no one over the age of thirty should even consider denim. Well, I’m definitely not waif-like and I am definitely over thirty, so this can mean that I sometimes wear a pair of good fitting, quality jeans till they literally fall to pieces.

But this week I discovered something wonderful - Levi’s Curve ID.

It was the advertising in the window of the Levi’s store that gave me the courage to walk through the door. It was talking about women with curves - and jeans that would actually fit them. And fit they do. The wonderful salesgirl who helped me made sure that the jeans I bought fit like a glove, without feeling uncomfortably tight or binding in places I would really rather not mention. It was a revelation.

Slight curve, demi curve, bold curve or supreme curve, these jeans are designed so they sit in exactly the right place on your body, and don’t gap at the waist. You can measure yourself at home or be measured in store to find out your Curve ID. Do be aware that sometimes your actual Curve ID isn’t the one you will be measured as. I’m officially a demi curve, but actually, it’s the bold curve jeans that fit me better, fitting me better than jeans have ever fit me before. However the sales staff could not have been more helpful and finding the correct size was easy. I walked out of the store with not one but two pairs of well fitting jeans feeling great about how I looked - and I can honestly say that is the first time in years I have walked out of a jeans store feeling that way!

See the Levi's advertisement at the top of this post? All those women are wearing jeans with a 32 waist - and they all look great.  Well done Levi's! Admittedly many of the models in other Levis advertising are still incredibly thin, but this advertisement is a hugely welcome step towards the diversity being promoted by parts of the fashion industry, organisations like  All Walks Beyond the Catwalk and bloggers like me that other retailers would do well to pay heed to.

So if you are dreading your next shopping trip for jeans, get yourself to your nearest Levi's store.. If your experience is anything like mine, not only will you find great fitting jeans, you will walk out of the store feeling great - and how often does that happen when you are shopping for jeans?!

The 21st Century Housewife has not been paid for this post. When I find something this good, I like to share! And I’m delighted to report that Levi's Curve ID jeans are also available in the UK and Europe!

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