Friday, March 04, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Photo Mario Testino

Excitement is beginning to build here around the Royal Wedding. With the promise of a bit of joyous pomp and ceremony, and a day off to celebrate it, most people in the United Kingdom are following the preparations for Prince William and Catherine Middleton’s big day with great interest.

It’s hard not to be happy for this lovely couple, who are clearly absolutely besotted with each other. And they are making it very easy for everyone to keep up to speed with all the plans, and the excitement, with the launch of an official Royal Wedding Website. Not only does the site contain lots of background information and information about the actual wedding, it is being regularly updated with photos and videos of the happy couple in the run up to their wedding. Most recently, Prince William and his bride to be have been pictured at the launch of celebrations for The University of St Andrews’ 600th anniversary. It must have been a very special day for them as St Andrew’s is, of course, where they met. This was also their first official engagement in Scotland. There is a video of their visit on the website, and both are smiling, happy and relaxed, walking amongst the crowds and seemingly enjoying themselves thoroughly.

So even if you cannot be in London for the Royal Wedding, you can still feel a part of things and keep up to speed with all the official news very easily. If you are planning to visit London for the wedding, there is also a link to another website run by the British government on the Royal Wedding website. This site also contains some very helpful information, although it is not nearly as beautiful as the official Royal Wedding website which is beautifully laid out, very easy to navigate, and the best source possible for accurate information about this very special celebration. It is well worth a visit.


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