Monday, March 14, 2011

Seven Day Meatless Meal Plan from The Vegetarian Society

Photo The Vegetarian Society

I’m not vegetarian, but I am keen to limit the amount of meat my family and I eat and am always looking for ideas for great vegetarian meals. However, for those wishing to make a more sweeping change to their eating habits and completely embrace a vegetarian lifestyle, the problem of what to eat on a daily basis can be a real stumbling block.

The Vegetarian Society has posted a Seven Day Meatless Meal Plan on their website which looks absolutely delicious, and which I am sure could help both families like mine and those who wish to become totally vegetarian. It highlights the nutritional benefits of many of the foods chosen, and provides a great variety of things to eat, along with links to recipes.

Looking through the seven day menu, the only thing I’m not really keen on is the “Green drink” suggested for Thursday’s snack. It’s made from a powdered mix containing blue green algea, and honestly, I think I would skip that despite it’s great nutritional benefits. Other than that, it all looks really yummy, and with three meals and two snacks each day, there is definitely no way you would go hungry!

So whether you are an omnivore hoping to decrease the amount of meat in your diet, a long term vegetarian looking for inspiration, or a newbie vegetarian wanting a bit of help getting started, do go on over to The Vegetarian Society website for some great ideas.

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