Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Breakfast, Lunch or Brunch?

Let's Do Brunch! 

I’m packing like crazy for our holiday. I don’t know why I find packing so daunting all the time - we travel so much it should be easy! I’ll be blogging absolutely as normal while we are away - my husband has the sort of job where he tends to do two or three hours work every day even when he is on holiday, and blogging means I can sit down with him and we can work together. We are probably among the only people who choose their hotels based on the quality of not only their surroundings and service, but also of their internet connections! 
What have you been cooking in your kitchen? I’ve been working on my Family Food History and Recipe Project again, with some delicious results. I’m looking forward to blogging more about it my in the near future. 
Last week we had 40 wonderful links, and we are hoping for even more this week, so please spread the word among your bloggy friends! 

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