Thursday, July 07, 2011

Just in Case You Missed Anything...

It's been a busy week here. Phase One of our redecorating project is complete (report to follow soon!) and I have a break of a little over a week before the decorators return to start Phase Two. I do hope you have been visiting my main site, The 21st Century Housewife, to keep up with everything that is happening. Highlights from this week so far include:

A Balsamic Apple and Walnut salad for Meatless Monday.
My report from the Ladies' Finals at Wimbledon
The wonderful Hearth and Soul Blog Hop, the place to find great food from the hearth to feed your soul - and to share recipes of your own!
There's some fantastic featured recipes at Let's Do Brunch, and lots of great inspiration for breakfast, lunch and brunch. Plus you can share your own recipes too!
And last but not least, another visit to Ina's Garden, and Ina Garten's wonderful Zucchini Gratin

Photo credit Alexander J Harris
Hope your week is going well!  

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