Monday, August 22, 2011

Midnight Blue for Autumn by Dior

Photo Christian Dior Autumn 2011

I love wandering through cosmetic halls in big department stores, particularly in the Autumn, when the richer, deeper colours appear. I haunt my favourite brands, and often dabble in the tester pots, playing with colour on the back of my hands. I love it when I’m offered a make up, and use it as an opportunity learn new techniques and (sometimes) add new things to my collection. 
That is the beauty of the department store makeover. There really is no obligation to purchase anything, and you are perfectly within your rights to wander off and do more shopping, catching glimpses of yourself in the different lights of mirrors and shop windows, deciding if any part of the new look suits you enough to warrant a purchase. 
The other day, I happened upon Christian Dior’s new Autumn collection, Blue Tie. I was enraptured by the rich, deep blues,

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