Thursday, September 29, 2011

Favourite Autumn Apple Recipes

British Food Fortnight, a celebration of regional and seasonal British food, is on now, and runs until 2nd October. Among other things, its aim is to inform and educate about our regionally distinct produce as well as highlighting the health benefits of local, seasonal food. 

It is a great time to celebrate some little known facts about British Food. For example, did you know that here in Britain we produce 700 different named cheeses? That’s more than France! Plus, our climate allows us to produce a huge variety of vegetables and fruit, and because of this our growing season lasts virtually all year. British farmers and artisanal producers grow a huge range of produce including 350 different types of potato and 2,000 different varieties of apples. Some of the apple trees are hundreds of years old, and many of our apples are grown from original stock. 

As one of the aims of British Food Fortnight is to highlight seasonal food, and this is very much the season for British apples, I’ve thought I would put together a post with some of the apple recipes I have featured previously here on The 21st Century Housewife. 

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