Monday, September 19, 2011

The Million Moms Challenge

Every 90 seconds, a woman dies during pregnancy or childbirth. Most of these deaths are in the developing world.
Almost 9 million children, mostly in the developing world, die each year before their 5th birthdays - that’s more than 24,000 children each day - from largely preventable causes. 
It’s shocking, and something needs to be done. Thankfully solutions are not that far off. By providing more access for moms to medical information, trained support during childbirth and proper nutrition and care for newborns, the lives of so many moms and babies in the developing world can be saved. 
The Million Moms Challenge is a call to action to engage a million American moms with millions of moms like me in the UK, Europe and overseas, to raise awareness of the challenges facing moms and babies in the developing world. Spearheaded by ABC News and the UN Foundation, in partnership with Johnson & Johnson, Baby Centre and others, the campaign is being launched today in New York on the Good Morning America television programme. As I write this, moms and other supporters are gathering in Times Square for the launch.
The Million Moms Challenge Website is now live. Want to be one in a million? 
Tell your friends. 
Tweet about it #MillionMomsChallenge #amillionmoms @amillionmoms
You don’t have to be a mom to help a mom. You just have to be one in a million.

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