Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Beefy Pasta One Pot

I hesitate to admit it, but this pasta one pot is the product of laziness. I often make Italian Beef Stew with Pasta, and one night I decided I could not be bothered to cook the pasta separately. So I changed the ingredients to make it possible to cook the pasta actually in the stew, right at the end of the cooking time. I also adjusted the flavours a bit to make it more like a traditional Bolognese sauce, albeit with meltingly tender chunks of beef as opposed to the ground variety.
This is definitely not authentically Italian but it’s one of my favorite recipes for several reasons. Not only does everyone seem to love it, but it’s super easy, mostly takes care of itself (right up till the last minute) and leftovers taste amazing the next day. In fact, sometimes I make a double batch just to have them! 

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