Monday, January 30, 2012

Vegetarian 'Moussaka' for Meatless Monday

Photo credit Alex J Harris

I’m pretty sure the name of this dish is going to get me in trouble. I don’t think any Greek person would consider it to be proper Moussaka. It is, however, totally inspired by the Moussaka I ate in Athens a couple of years ago, and the stories my son has told me about the Moussaka he ate in the Greek Islands not long after that.

I have wanted to make my own vegetarian version of this dish for quite some time, but something always held me back. I wasn’t sure where to go with it, recipe wise, as I felt it was too predictable to just replace the meat with a meat substitute like Quorn. I also have never really liked the long strips of eggplant (aubergine) in the traditional recipe. I do like eggplant, but I prefer it chunky, rather than in strips or mashed up. Finally, the other day, I decided to attempt my own version of vegetarian moussaka, and the result was delicious. 

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  1. I like it, whether or not it's authentic. It sounds wonderful.


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