Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dress Your Home For Success

Here are some tips for dressing your home for success - especially handy when unexpected guests are due to arrive, but great advice for every day too.  

 1.  Tidy is best, but desperate times call for desperate measures
Just a quick daily flit round to pick up the clutter can make a huge difference.  However, if things have gotten out of hand as they are wont to do and you are pressed for time just get rid of the glaringly obvious stuff.  Although stuffing things in cupboards is clearly not a long term solution, in an emergency it is a great short term one, provided you go back when you have more time and actually go through the cupboard to de-clutter it!  Make sure you never use a guest room closet for this.  There is nothing like remembering the closet is a complete mess just moments before guests arrive to stay! (Please don’t ask me how I know this!)

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  1. Love your tips and so glad to see you have this blog for commenting now. I think the tip about keeping the bathroom clean is probably the most important of all!


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