Friday, April 13, 2012

Easiest Ever Shrimp Primavera

My son is on a trip to Italy with college this week, so yesterday my husband and I had a dinner √† deux. I wanted to make something special, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. As I had some raw shrimp in the freezer, I defrosted them earlier in the day so that I could de-vein them and have them ready. I also decided to use the fresh leeks I had in my organic vegetable box last Friday as well as a nice red pepper, but honestly, I think any colour pepper would be absolutely fine. Equally, I think a mild red onion would work in place of the leeks as well. 

This dish does fry in a bit more oil than I normally use, but it worked really well. I can get a very mild olive oil here that is great for frying, or you could use any other mild vegetable oil that is good at high temperatures (groundnut or sunflower would work well). I made this dish in a wok, but you could use a deep, wide frying pan if you don’t have one. 

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